Screening formats guide

  • Le HDCAM, un magnétoscope HD introduit par Sony dans les années 90, s'est imposé comme standard de diffusion et de conservation pour la télévision et les principaux festivals de cinéma.
  • Its supremacy is now challenged by the DCP, the Blu-ray, and digital Ready to Broadcast MXF.
  • quality
  • reliability
  • flexibility
  • widespread in big cinemas
  • widespread in small cinemas
  • Quality: close to that of the master, high definition, high fidelity
  • Robustness: the tape and the recorder are very strong. The signal is sent in SDI, widely used by professionals as opposed to HDMI, used by the general public. The SDI signal can be transmitted without loss and without drop over long distances. Large festivals, most post-production studios and telivisions use SDI.
  • Quite expensive to reproduce
  • Resolution is only 1440x1080, which means the HD signal (1920x1080) must be reduced. Problems may arise, most notably on sharp diagonals.
  • The cost of the VTR makes it exclusively reserved to television networks and wealthy structures.