• DCP is the best-looking, most reliable, safest and most flexible of all digital projection media formats, and Charbon makes the most of its qualities.

  • trillions of colours

    DCP is the only digital projection medium to offer colour depth and detail as fine as that of the human eye.
    It offers 4096 possible shades of grey, red and green (depth of colour in 12 bits). In all, one can obtain trillions of colours.
    There are two resolution levels: 2K (2048 pixels wide) and 4K (4096 pixels wide).

    One of Charbon's unique strengths is that DCP mastering is processed in 16 bits, directly from the colour-grading, to take full advantage of DCP colour depth.
  • the standard in reliability

    DCP standards guarantee maximum reliability, which is why it has become the industry standard.
    The entire film industry has benefited, from self-produced independent films to major productions.

    Charbon conducts multiple levels of systematic, automated and human verifications.
    100% of the 123 versions of the 28 DCPs made in 2012 were successful.
  • simple versioning
    DCP is the most flexible media, as DCP versioning is very easy:
    • soundtracks: Original version, dubbed version
    • Subtitling
    • Image, sound and subtitle retouching or modifications
    • addition of a presentation at the start of the show
    Charbon has developed its own versioning system that takes full advantage of the great flexibility of DCP.
  • protection for the movie

    A DCP can be encrypted to prevent pirating.
    The distributor retains complete control of its film and grants specific projection authorisations.

    Charbon offre à ses clients la possibilité de générer sur son serveur sécurisé, à volonté et sans frais, les clés de décryptage spécifiques à un système de projecteur : les KDM (Key Delivery Message).